Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Angels are with us

Angels are with us

Angels surround us.
They are trustworthy friends.
It's like they have hundreds of ears
and one sole heart : the Light.

Let the door be opened to the Presence. 

Ask and be ready to receive.
Join the celestial beings from this very life in being an angel on earth.
And you'll have assistance beyond measure.

Pure hearts are so light.
They touch eternal gold, a sublime taste of infinite. 
Fragrance of eternity.

In this state of peaceful grace,
Follow the signs, follow your intuition,
Talk with your soul.

The eternal fountain spreads a living vibration throughout the universe :
the original heartbeat, the breathing in and out.

Align your self with your innermost vibration,
So you can feel heaven radiating in you and all around you.

Be at peace, don't resent anything, anyone, nor even yourself.
Leave the wrongs behind, don't apologize for who you are, and dare renew your heart at the Holy chalice.

Be patient, and persevere at your own pace.
Then you will receive transfusion : rivers of pure blood will run in your veins so that you may experience true life.

Now behold, freely you have received, freely you shall give.
This is the powerful life.

Please put your wings on, and press the keyword : "trust".

The eyes are the windows to the soul.




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