Sunday, 29 September 2019

Some good reasons for standing upright, despite your difference - Conversation

Small dialogue

(L is me. E is someone who was happy to share)

E - I was bullied at school. I felt different.

L - Me too. I lowered my level in order to adapt. But when you do that, you're making a clown of yourself. One more good reason to be bullied. 

E - Indeed. I've always played stupid around. Used to playing the dumb person. 

L - Why would you have to do that?

E - To adapt to hostile situations. 

L - Can you be more specific? What hostile situations? 

E - Just school bullies and being different to others, it makes people dislike you if you are different. 

L - I know what it's like. I've been through this. I was not prepared. Confidence in oneself is something I needed to learn. And the shallow plays, with society codes, trends, appearances...

E - And the idealistic looks inspired on TV. 

L - Yeah, that sucked! We don't have to play stupid anymore. Fuck'em lol Like they say in the movies. 

E - True, but I do like to be the clown now. 

L - Ah yeah ? Why ?

E - I'm not sure. Comedy has become a big part of my life. I like to see people have a laugh. 

L - I have a saying : "Laughter is universel language". 
You know, to be honest, I saw how you give a way to other people, when it should be 50/50. We don't have to step in shit because of others. To me, the world is a jungle, once we're immersed in it. I'm not meaning that I beware of people. I just rely on them to be just and fair. 'cause I deserve it. Like anyone else. I see that they make a way for me as I make a way for them, even in very common situations, for instance as walking on a busy sidewalk or crossing cars on some narrow road. Even details count. 
When we stroll through a forest, it's easy. There's nobody. We can be peaceful. But in society, where it's crowed therefore competitive, it's different ; we need to be more cautious. It's not an impediment to our inner peace though. 

E - Yes, it makes sense to me.

L - Moreover, we have some good reasons for standing upright.

E - We do ? 

L - For instance, take the wonders of our structure, our organism, the shapes in our eyes, etc. 
We truly are of beauty. Piece of art. 
And there aren't two identical faces in the world!

E - True.

L - Isn't that magical? 🙂

E - Just nature, I think.

L - When you talk with "connected" minds, as you once put it, my friend, you realize they see more to just nature...

E - Yes I imagine they would.

L - I don't imagine it. I feel it, for I am one of them.

E - Indeed you are. I told you, as I was watching that video on the Internet. That guy who was speaking about the universe, and his interests on Nikola Tesla's works and metaphysical reasoning... I recognized the spirit. 

L - It's like I see the logical connectivity of the living. 
Those spirits tend to feel alone.  Unless they meet brothers and sisters in a similar spirit. When they really can share, there is more freedom. 

Some get bullied at school though. They even could be very different from their own family. That's how they end up marginalized...

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