Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Dreams are sometimes messages

17th August - 

When I woke up this morning, I recollected a dream that I wrote down right away, before it gets too blurred and fades away. 

Here goes the story. 
I'm at a party. Sitting around a table, I chat with people who raise questions about the mystery of existence.
At some point, they bring up the "sorting" event, and they try to figure out this concept.
I thus share my intuition: a global cataclysm on Earth will arrive in the form of a test. An ordeal. People will be forced to see the truth about themselves, and they will have to make choices. Those who persist in their self-sufficiency and pride will not be saved from disaster. Those who will accept to see the truth, who humble themselves, repent, and ask forgiveness for their high sense of pride and wrongdoings, will be saved. They'll be taken to the New World. 
It is indeed through an ordeal, a test, that we know people. 

There were a few other questions.
I hardly remember the rest, except for the propensity to be attracted by the truth. That topic was mentioned. 
Some do not want to take interest in the truth about existence, whereas others, unhappy with this world of appearances, seek the truth and commit to that quest. 
The latter people tend to ask themselves questions from childhood, without knowing why. They grow up with a lot of uncertainties. This world seems false to them.
Those who seek with determination are those who find. They become connected to the deep Reality. It's the answer to their question, and it always comes unexpected. It's the same as love. True love always comes unexpected. You were just ready without realising it. 

Now I'm telling myself that a subtle part of my consciousness was revealed to me through that dream. The message seemed very true to me, to my guts. 
Is it possible that a great ordeal occurs to us in the future? We cannot be sure. But if we regard the fact that everything has a beginning and an end, at least in the temporal world, a "sorting" or "natural selection" could happen. To me it seems logical that the end of a state is a way of transformation to another state.
It seems we do have in us precious information about the mystery of existence. The problem is we hardly listen to our intuitions, when we constantly have intuitions. It's a faculty we will want to work on. Intuition helps to be more in touch with Reality, as well as with a situation as it is, and the desires of our heart. 

To me, it is clear that we do not live in a 3D universe. This is good news! for a 3D world feels shallow, materialistic, and too much in appearance. During my childhood I had this feeling and it seemed to me that I had a soul. The soul mattered much more than the rest, and it still does. It's just that I'm experiencing it a lot better now, that is, I take it on in full. Or so I hope. 
Living for the soul is, of course, original, even marginal in a world where relationships are mostly economic, pecuniary, a world where appearances are put forward. 

Finally, is a "great sorting" to come? Maybe. In this case, I don't think our species will have to face that just now. We have time. We still have to seize the essential and make it the center of our life. Although we have time, let's not waste our time. 
And never take anything for granted. Life taught me that lesson. Since I'm still living the human condition (and humans err), I'm seeing to it that I keep the fire burning. 

What about you? Do you write your dreams down?

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